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Who can request a fight review?

Only a registered licensee of Boxing SA can apply for a fight review on behalf of a boxer. The applicant for a review must either be the Boxer or Manager or Promoter representing the boxer and must have complied with the requirements of contracting as set out in Regulation 15 of the Boxing Regulations, 2004.

What is the process of lodging a fight review?

The request to review a fight must be lodged with Boxing SA within twenty-one (21) working days after the said bout took place along with all the required information and/or documents. No applications for a review will be accepted after the period mentioned above or without all required documentation and payment of applicable fees.

What do I need to submit when applying for a fight review?

A Fight Review Application Form
Proof of payment of a non-refundable administration fee of R 450.00
Proof of payment of a non-refundable Officials’ fee of R 1 500.00
Credible source of or footage to be used to review the fight.
All fees applicable to fight review must be made to the following bank account:

Account name: Boxing South Africa

Bank name: ABSA Bank

Account no.: 406 157 5117

Branch code: 632005

Important: The following reference must be used: FR/Tournament Name

What happens after I have submitted a Fight Review Application Form?

Once Boxing SA has satisfied itself that the application is compliant to the rules for a fight review, the application will be submitted to the Sanctioning Committee, who will first decide whether there is basis for the review to be conducted. If the Sanction Committee approves the review, the Sanction Committee will then recommend for the CEO to appoint, within five (5) working days, three (3) independent Ring Officials to review the fight.

How long will it take to get the outcome of the fight review process?

The fight review process will take 14 to 21 working days from the date of submission to be finalised.

Can the Sanctioning Committee change the decision made by the fight review process?

No. The decision of the fight review panel is final and no further review will be approved or conducted.

What are the rules governing a fight review?

  1. Fight reviews must be lodged with BSA within twenty-one (21) working days after the said bout took place using the Fight Review Application Form which is available on the Boxing SA website. No applications for a review will be accepted beyond this period or submitted in any other form or medium.
  2. Fight review requests and relief sort must be in line with the prescripts of the Boxing Act No.11 of 2001 and Boxing Regulations, 2004 and any other Boxing SA Policies and Rules applicable.
  3. Requests for reversal of fight/bout decision must comply with the conditions outlined in the Boxing Regulation, 2004; under regulation 35(20).
  4. It is the responsibility of the applicant for the review to supply Boxing SA with credible footage to be used to review the fight.
  5. A fight review application shall not be used to lodge a complaint or address non-compliance to any regulatory prescript, rules or policy by any licensee, the Tournament Supervisor, or a Boxing SA Official.
  6. The decision of the fight review panel is final, and no further reviews will be entertained.
  7. Should the fight review panel reach a different decision to the one declared at the tournament, the recourse to the fight review applicant on behalf of a boxer can only be an order for a rematch.  No prior results can be nullified or changed save for instances outline under Regulation 35(20).
  8. Any existing contractual agreements and its obligations will take priority over any order for a rematch, and a boxer will be allowed, upon submitting proof of such contracting to BSA, to fulfill his/her such contractual obligations before engaging in a rematch.
  9. All money paid is non-refundable irrespective of the outcome or whether the review was processed.  It is thus important that the fight review applicant ensures that all requirements of a fight review are complied with before submitting the application.

What if the boxer declines a rematch?

BSA can only enforce an order for a rematch when the fight review ordered is related to a national or provincial title, regardless of the defence status to which the Champion holds at the time.

Who has the right to host a sanctioned rematch?

The decision on who will host the rematch will be for negotiations and agreements by the respective boxers’ management and/or promotion. In a case of a national title and where disputed claims to stage the title fight exist, Boxing SA may, among other things, call to for purse bids to be submitted to it by other promoters and offer the opportunity to stage that title fight to the highest bidder upon the terms and conditions that Boxing SA may determine.

For more information, please contact the Provincial Manager in your province.

Gauteng: Mr. Lehlohonolo Ramagole |

Eastern Cape: Mr. Phakamile Jacobs | (East London)

Mr. Nceba Dladla | (Gqeberha)

Mpumalanga: Mr. Oupa Lubisi |

Limpopo: Mr. Tinyiko Nkatingi |

Western Cape: Mr. Mzoli Tempi |

KwaZulu-Natal: Mr. Mike Dube |

Free State: Mr. Mzolisa Mabuya |

Note: Enquiries for Northern Cape, North-West must be forwarded to the Free State Provincial Manager.