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Licensing and Testing: What You Need to Know..

Online licensing:

Online licensing is in line with the prescripts of the Boxing Act and its Regulations and currently only available for SA citizens. Non-SA citizens will continue to be licensed manually as per the licensing process and requirements as outlined on our BSA website until further notice. We are in consultation with the Department of Home Affairs to explore the best way to license non-SA citizen whilst observing the compliance requirements in place.

In order to register for or renew a license the user will be required to first register his/her details online and create a profile by updating his/her personal details. Once this is done the user will be able to access the application and renewal option. Various payment methods, which include credit card payment, EFT payment as well as payments at various retail outlets, have been made available through our payment gateway. Should you choose to pay directly at a retail outlet please ensure that you choose the e-mail or sms option to receive your payment code which you will need to present at the kiosk counter to make payment.

Once you have made payment the status on your profile will change to ‘Awaiting Board Approval’. No further action is needed from you thereafter.

A Special Board Approval meeting will seat thereafter and notifications will be sent directly to the licensees via sms.

Frequently Asked Questions on the BSA Online Licensee System

Q: I have already submitted my license application to the Provincial Manager. Do I still need to register online?

A: Yes. For convenience purposes, BSA is moving all its current paper form licensing to a digital and paperless format. This will enable the user to renew or apply for a boxing license online anywhere and at any time. Going forward all communications to licensees will also be processed through the online system to ensure that no licensee is left out when it comes to information. You will therefore be required to confirm your contact details and create a password to be able to create an online profile.

Q: I submitted my license application to the Provincial Manager. Do I need to renew or apply online again?

A: Yes. Whilst we have your paperwork there are improvements that have been made on licensing, such as medical questionnaire for boxers, and these need to be answered directly by the licensee.

Q: I had already paid and submitted my proof of payment to a Provincial Manager. Do I need to pay again?

A: No. Your information has already been captured online and therefore you will not be required to pay when online licensing opens again for this current financial year. The system will recognise your application through your South African identity number therefore it is important to ensure that you capture your details correctly.

Q: Why am I required to submit paperwork and photos that I had already submitted to the Provincial Manager?

A: We had planned to roll-out the online system only in the licensing period of the next financial year however the developments of Covid-19 meant that we had to push forward our plans. We are aware of the inconvenience that this may cause our licensees however this is beyond our control and we ask for your understanding and cooperation on this. The uploading of documents is a once-off requirement and only new applicants of each year will be required to submit ID copies and photos in the next licensing cycle.

Q: Where do I register?

A: You can register by visiting the BSA website and clicking on Register Now. As a first-time user click on ‘Sign Up’ and follow the two easy steps; i.e.

  1. Register
  2. Create a profile (capturing of ID and address details)

N.B. You will not be able to renew/apply for a license if you have not created a profile

Q: What do I need to register online?

A: You will need to have an active mobile number where your One-Time-Password will be sent to verify your number. You can use your mobile number to log into the system in future. You will also be required to supply an e-mail address which will be used to communicate to you in future by BSA. BSA will not share your contact information with third parties without your consent.

Q: I don’t have access to a computer or airtime, what do I do?

A: You may visit your nearest Provincial Manager who will take you through the system and assist you to register; Covid-19 restrictions permitting. Please note that for security reasons Provincial Managers are not allowed to create a profile in your absence.

Q: I’m not a licensee but interested in boxing. Can I also register?

A: Yes. Registration is open for current licensees, members of the media and the public who have interest in boxing.

Q: Now that I’m registered what’s next?

A: Once you have filled in all your details your information will be kept in BSA’s database to keep you updated with all BSA developments and other information. You will be able to renew or apply for a boxing license once the licensing period opens. Members of the media will be able to apply for accreditation to be included in our mailing list for invitations to future events and for sharing of media statements.

Q: When does licensing open and close and will there be an extension?

A: Licensing will open on 19 August 2020 and close on 30 September 2020. No extension to this date will be allowed and the system will not allow late applications.

Q: Will licensing fees be discounted when licensing opens?

A: No. Licensing fees are payable in full when the licensing for the current financial year opens.

Q: I want to license only when I have a fight guaranteed. Can I do this?

A: No. All license renewals and applications will open on 19 August and close on 30 September 2020 and no extension will be afforded.

Q: What if there are no tournaments this year because of the Coronavirus; am I still expected to apply for or renew my license?

A: Yes. Whilst we cannot guarantee how many tournaments will be staged till the end of the financial year or how many boxers will be able to get fights, only licensed individuals will be allowed to participate in boxing across all categories.

Q: Where else can I get notifications on BSA?

A: BSA will communicate using sms, e-mai, the BSA website as well as the BSA Facebook page, @boxingsaofficial, will also be updated with developments on a regular basis.


Q: Q: Where can I go test?

A: BSA has registered with Ampath for Covid-19 testing as well as for the annual licensing medical examination and are located in all provinces. To find a lab nearest to you visit

Q: Who will pay for the testing?

A: Only the testing for Covid-19 will be paid for by BSA (for boxers only) on a once-off basis and prior to participation in a tournament. Only boxers who have renewed or applied for their 2020/2021 license will qualify for the free test. Testing for the annual licensing medical examination (HIV and Hepatitis) is for the boxer’s account.

Q: What do I need to qualify for the free test?

A: Ampath has created forms specifically for the testing of both Covid-19 as well as for testing for annual licensing, i.e. HIV and Hepatitis. BSA will send each Boxer participation in a tournament a form which they are expected to present at the laboratory to claim for the free testing. Using any other form will result in the boxer being responsible for the cost.

Forms for medical testing for annual licensing (HIV & Hepatitis) will be available on the website by Wednesday, 19 August 2020. Forms for Covid-19 testing will be issued on a need basis by BSA directly to the licensee.

Q: Can I go to another laboratory or my own doctor instead of Ampath laboratories?

A: Yes. You may choose another laboratory or visit your preferred doctor however you are required to submit your results to BSA Failure to do so will results in your application not receiving approval or participation in a tournament not sanctioned.

Provincial Managers Contact Details

Eastern Cape
Mr. Phakamile Jacobs (Eastern Cape)
Tel: +27 (43) 761 6666 | Fax: +27 (43) 761 1777
Free State
Mr. Mzolisi Mabuya
Tel: +27 (61) 594 8249
Mr. Lehlohonolo Ramagole (Gauteng, North West, Nothern Cape)
Telefax: +27 (61) 486 6140
Mr. Tinyiko Katingi (Limpopo)
Tel: +27 (73) 160 9437
Mr. Oupa Lubisi (Mpumalanga)
Tel: +27(79) 969 8339
Port Elizabeth
Mr. Nceba Dladla (Port Elizabeth)
Tel: +27(82) 784 1914