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Group Structure

Executive Management of Boxing SA

1. Mr. Tsholofelo Lejaka (Chief Executive Officer)

The Executive Management of Boxing SA consists of a Chief Executive Officer, who is accountable to the Board and has overall day to day responsibility of managing the operations of this entity. His primary responsibilities include but are not limited to strategic planning, management of resources, spearheading projects, interaction with local and international stakeholders and licensees, securing sponsorship and funding, policies and systems support, financial reporting and budgeting. The appointment of the CEO and his key responsibilities are governed by section 12 of the Act.

The CEO is supported by eminently qualified, skilled and experienced team of Senior Management and staff members. Their expertise revolves around operations, public relations, finance and administration, project management as well as technical boxing skills.

2. Mr. Thabang Moses ( Chief Financial Officer)

The CFO is responsible for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with the generally recognised accounting principles, develop and implement financial management policies, systems and internal controls.

He is also responsible for maintaining budgeting systems and processes to ensure that funds are provided and allocated correctly and that effective control measures exist to stay within budgeting limits and to prepare monthly financial management reports indicating the spending trends against the budget for submission to Management, Department of Sport and Recreation, National Treasury and the Audit Committee.

3. Ms. Cindy Nkomo (Director: Operations)

The Director of Operations oversees, amongst others, the management of Tournaments, the management of Boxers and Official's payments, the management of Affidavits, the management of Sanctioning Fees Payments and the management of Licensing.

Part of her responsibilities is to compile and publish information statistics and an annual report on activities and to assist in the establishment of an association or federation of associations contemplated in section 28 of the BSA Act no 11 of 2001.

4. Provincial Managers

Before promulgation of The South African Boxing Act, Act No. 11 of 2001 (the Act), the administration of boxing in South Africa was decentralized in the provinces. Each province had a manager with autonomous powers vested in his office. They generated their own finances from grants, and sanctioning fees.

In 2002, just after Boxing South Africa came into being, the whole administration of boxing was changed, resulting in the dissolution of provincial powers. The administration and power was therefore centralized at the BSA headquarters. The individuals manning the offices were first referred to as service providers. They were later changed to provincial managers.

Their duties range from exercising effective management of the provinces in terms of licensing, regulation of tournaments, taking disciplinary measures and the overall leadership of the province while fully accountable to the BSA Head office. The Provincial Managers resort under the Director of Operations in the course and scope of the execution of their duties.

Eastern Cape
Mr. Phakamile Jacobs(East London)
Mr. Mthunzi Mapithiza(Port Elizabeth)

Free State
Mr. Archie Nyingwa (Seconded)

KwaZulu Natal
Mr. Les Adreasen

Mr. Archie Nyingwa (Seconded)

Mr. Solly Matsimela

Western Cape
Mr. Mickey Klaas

Mr. Archie Nyingwa

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