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About Us

Historical Background

A Boxing Commission which is a juristic person known as Boxing SA was established in terms of Section 4 of the South African Boxing Act, 11 of 2001. It started to operate in 2002 May 25th under the new board appointed by the then Minister of Sport and Recreation Min. Ngconde Balfour. The Board members consisted of Dr. Peter Ngatane, Mr. Siphato Handi, Mr. Archie Jonas, Ms Violet Magwaca, Mr. Sipho Pityana, Mr. Jacob Matlala and Mr. Stan Christodoulou under the chairmanship of Mr. Mthobi Tyamzashe.

When the 3 year term of the said Board expired, the Minister of Sport and Recreation Rev. Makhenkesi Stofile appointed Dr. Peter Ngatane, Mr.Siphato Handi, Mr. Sakhiwe Sodo, Mr.Alan Norman, Mr. Stompie Xulu, Ms Violet Magwaca and Adv. Dali Mpofu was appointed to chair this Board.

On the 25 May 2008 the Minister of Sport and Recreation Rev. Makhenkesi Stofile ushered in the Board consisting of Mr. Sakhiwe Sodo, Mr. Mxolisi Ttsika, Mr. Archie Jonas, Mr. Claude Bassuday, Adv. Vulani Baloyi and Dr. Peter Ngatane was elevated to chair this Board whose term of office will run until 25 May 2011. Tsiko and Baloyi resigned were replaced by Messrs. Andile Sidinile, Solly Selebi and Mark Sifris in August 2010 to make up for a full complimented board. Bassuday and Sifris also did not finish their term as they resigned three months before the end of the term.

In May 2014 the Minister of Sport and Recreation appointed the current Board under the leadership of Mme Muditambi Ravele. The Board currently stands as follows:

Boxing SA Board Members

Ms. Ntambi Elizabeth Ravele - Chairperson

Dr. Peter Malefetsane Ngatane

Adv. Mzamo Alfred Gumbi

Ms. Zandile Matilda Kabini

Mr. Khulile Radu

Mr. Mandisinde Zoyisile Gcilitsana

Mr. Luthando Phillip Jack


To be a leading sport code in South Africa and a world class boxing authority!


Our mission at BSA is the effective and efficient administration of and the regulation of professional boxing, by:

a) Ensuring and safeguarding the health, safety and general well-being of professional boxers,
b) Promoting, marketing and sanctioning quality boxing events and tournaments to increase the sportís popularity with athletes, supporters and sponsors,
c) Credibly rating boxers and training licensees,
d) Positioning Boxing South Africa as a point of reference for international sanctioning bodies in South Africa and ensuring that BSA fulfils its role as a custodian of the best interests and concerns of all South African Boxers at home and on the international front,
e) Improving the stature of national and provincial titles,
f) Coordinating the activities of all boxing stakeholders in the country for the purposes of unifying the sporting codes and managing their expectations with integrity,



Throughout the code Boxing South Africa will endeavour to promote and entrench the virtue of professionalism. In reality this means BSA, the licensees and all other stakeholders within boxing must strive to exert themselves expertly and with authoritative knowledge in their chosen areas of operation. In the context of South African boxing, there will be greater expectations for transparency and openness by all role-players.


We believe that there is a collective responsibility on all the stakeholders in boxing to collaborate and work together for the common good of the sport. In this regard, it is incumbent on BSA to provide the overall leadership necessary to enable collaboration and success of the sport code and for every stakeholder to exercise leadership in their respective areas of operation without encroaching on the rights of others.


The principle of accountability is imposed on all stakeholders in the boxing community by the Boxing Act. Based on the act it is incumbent on all of us, BSA and the licensees, to each honour their legislative mandate to carry out their responsibility, respect each otherís role and to act with integrity at all times.


In promoting the sport we will endeavour to take the sport to every part and corner of our country and ensure that all communities and athletes have an equal opportunity to partake and excel in the game without regard to their cultural and linguistic, religious, social and economic status, and or any other form of discrimination whatsoever.

Legal Character of Boxing SA

A Boxing Commission which is a juristic person known as Boxing SA was established in terms of Section 4 of the South African Boxing Act, 11 of 2001. Subject to this Act, and, pursuant to the provisions of Section 5, Boxing SA is an independent body.

Functions and Duties of BSA

The duties and powers of Boxing SA as contained in section 8 of the Boxing Act, are the following:

(a) Compile and publish information statistics and annual report on its activities;

(b) Assist in the establishment of an association or federation of associations

(c) (i) hold meetings at least four times a year; and

(ii) hold meetings at its request or at the request of the associations or federation of such associations to discuss boxing matters; and

(d) Consider applications for recognition of international boxing bodies or organizations and their boxing champions

Mandate of Boxing SA

Boxing SA has the statutory mandate premised on the objects of the Act in Section 2 among other things to:

a) give effect to the provisions of the Constitution;
b) regulate, control and exercise general supervision over professional boxing at tournaments in the Republic;
c) protect and regulate the interests and organizational rights of boxers, trainers, mangers, promoters, officials and stakeholders involved in professional boxing matters:
d) to promote
i) orderly collective action;
ii) boxing in the Republic;
iii)the effective resolution of boxing disputes

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